An Archive Management Framework

ArchMan is the result of my search for robust and extensible backup utilty. The package is distributed as a set of components that may be used seperately, and there are also designed to create a single archiving framework. The main benefit is highly customizable inclusion/exclusion of files through .archmanrc files; Python modules; placed within the file system iteself. The are also modules for producing tar archives from this selection system, validating the archive, sending via sftp to a remote machine, and a command line front end to the whole setup.


Download ArchMan0.7.3
Project Info

Selector - File Selecting

File inclusion tools are contained in archman.selector. A selctor is simply an an object that looks like a list and has a select method that will populate itself. This list can then be used for archiving.

selector includes classes which add regular expression based file inclusion rules. The default class will also search for sub-rules in .archmanrc files within directories that it is including. If such a file is found, it will import the module, and include the files that its selector has chosen.



Filemod List

CLI Frontend

SFTP Support

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